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Lego 8502 Technic Throw Bots Turbo

8502 Technic Throw Bots Turbo
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Just one of the key attributes is the also included: instructions for super model (requires sets #8500, 8501, 8502, 8503). Other highlights include contains 44 pieces, shoots discs! and poster and carry case included. The bar code for this Technic Lego set is 042884085025. It's 4.5" Height x 7" Length x 3.5" Width and weighs only 0.56 lbs. How to buy the 8502 Technic Throw . To see the low price I ran across, visit the market button.


Model: 8502
UPS: 042884085025
Package Quantity: 1

Throwbots shoot discs to compete for ultimate control--Who will win? Turbo is really fast but his arch enemy, the giant semi-trucks, are also fast. Story behind Turbo: Turbo resides inside the Urban Sector. Includes directions for developing a"Super Model"out of models #8502 (Turbo) , 8500 (Torch) , 8501 (Ski) and 8503 (Scuba ). Turbo's design is unique amongst the Throwbots, as he was designed as a one-handed car with a throwing arm on the best side of the physique. Throwbots are a discontinued line released by LEGO starting in 1999 (released as"Slizers"in Europe) similar to their BIONICLE line. As big given that it is there are lots of criminals. He quests for a special fuel which will enable him to acquire blinding speeds, in addition to slaying Mutant Vehicles. People make a lot of factories, which trigger smoggy skies, polluted water and waste. The tiny buildings are 2000 feet high, and the big ones are over a mile and a half tall. But this city is so huge, many from the giant buildings don't have any people in them. He survived the meteor strike. Some reaching to space. Turbo collects Power Fuel to enhance his fantastic speed. Additional models need to be purchased separately.


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