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Lego Functions Power Functions Xl-motor 8882

Functions Power Functions Xlmotor 8882

Make sure you purchase your child the Functions Power Functions Xl-motor 8882 a really good Lego set. I actually loved that the item had the feature of use the "xl" motor to animate larger builds. Other highlights include use with power function models, super strong xl motor and 1 piece. The Technic Lego set dimensions are 4"H x 6"L x 2"W and weighs just about 0.15 lbs. Functions Power Functions Xl-motor 8882 . We want you to get the best price when purchasing a Lego set.


Model: 4522088
UPS: 673419104555
Package Quantity: 1

Add an extra XL-Motor to your LEGO creations! Use the"XL"Motor to animate larger builds. Requires battery box (Lego model: 8881) , not included. This super-strong motor will give plenty of energy to your models, no matter whether it's spinning a wheel or turning a system of gears.


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