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Lego Technic Buggy (8048)

Technic Buggy
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Snap and make with Technic Buggy . In my opinion, you will like that the Lego set includes this feature of 4-wheel fully-independent suspension and opening cabin. Other features consist of rebuilds into a tractor, 314 pieces and 2 models in 1. It's 10.31"H x 15.04"L x 2.22"W and it weighs roughly 1.3 lbs. 4567588 is the manufacturer's number for this Technic Lego set. If you prefer a good deal on this Technic Lego set, click on the add to cart button.


Model: 4567588
UPS: 673419129350
Package Quantity: 1

Take your LEGO® TECHNIC power off the road! Features steering, a V4 engine with with moving pistons and 4-wheel fully-independent suspension2 models in 1: rebuilds into a tractorBuggy measures more than 11. 5"(29cm) long and 5"(13cm) high 2-in-1 model rebuilds into a powerful tractor. Bounce more than rugged off-road terrain with this dune buggy with working four-wheel suspension! You can rotate the steering wheel to steer the tires, open the cab roll-cage, and see the V4 engine pistons actually move when the automobile rolls.


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