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Would you like to pick a Lego set? Technic Forklift is an increadibly fun Lego set! The bar code for this is 0673419060103. Among the list of best attributes for this item is the includes assembly instructions for both machines. The Technic Lego set dimensions are 15"H x 2.5"L x 15"W. Technic Forklift , select the weblink below.


Model: 4257878
UPS: 673419060103

Reach new heights making use of a functional Lego forklift. Use a lever to manage the pitch from the forks, then tilt, lift, and lock while transferring the load. Peppered with mechanical principles in addition to a dedication to authenticity, these sets don't merely stack blocks, they use special pieces like beams, gears, pistons, pins, and pneumatic cylinders to develop a functioning machine. --Heather Lyndon Blend with other Lego Technic playsets (sold separately) , or merely rearrange the pieces for a truly customized machine. This 729-piece set includes assembly directions with detailed color diagrams for building both machines. With the advanced Lego Technic line, skilled builders no longer need rely on their imaginations to drive their creations--Lego helps them build an engine. Build the rugged Forklift from the ground up, complete with authentic rear-wheel steering, locking boom arm, and telescoping mast in a position to lift over 14 inches--almost twice its height. If you're looking for a far more road-friendly vehicle, rebuild the excavator into a tough forest truck.


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