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Lego Technic Helicopter 9396

Technic Helicopter 9396
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For anyone who is shopping for a Technic Lego set We've put together some good information. Technic Helicopter 9396 is a wonderful Technic Lego set! I really loved that the Lego set had the feature of lego and the lego logo are trademarks of the lego group. (c) 2012 the lego group. Additional features include things like up to 16 years b&gt 10 years: age and safety standards: b&gt ce. 9396 is the manufacturer's number for this high-quality Technic Lego set. The Lego set is 2.76"H x 18.9"L x 14.88"W. It has got a weight of 2.2 lbs. Cheapest price for the technic helicopter . To find the best price on this item together with other products, visit the market button on this page.


Model: 9396
UPS: 705235382616
Package Quantity: 1


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