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Lego Technic Jet Plane 9394

Technic Jet Plane 9394
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Click them together with the Technic Jet Plane 9394 manufactured by Lego! I really loved that the Lego set had the feature of turn the propeller on the aerobatic plane, control the jet? s rear elevation rudders and retract the landing gear. 9394-4653943 is the manufacturer's number for this high-quality Technic Lego set. The Lego set is 10.31"H x 15.04"L x 2.78"W. It has got a weight of 2.15 lbs. The warranty information from the manufacturer is no warranty. Best deal on Technic Jet Plane 9394 . To find the best price on this item together with other products, visit the market button on this page.


Model: 4653943
UPS: 673419166973
Package Quantity: 1

Break the realism barrier with this awesome Jet Plane! It's just like the actual thing! Operate the retractable landing gear and operating ailerons proper following which sweep the wings back and go supersonic! Jump inside the cockpit, close the canopy and take off! Streak across the sky with all the realistic Jet Plane. Rebuilds into an aerobatic plane.


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