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Lego Technic Limited Edition Set #8081 Extreme Cruiser

Technic Limited Edition Set 8081 Extreme

I in fact loved that the item has the feature of lego technic limited edition extreme cruiser 8081. Other highlights include contains 590 pieces. It's 11"H x 19"L x 3"W and it has a weight of 2.5 lbs. Best price Technic Limited Edition . To get the same cheap price I came across, check out the shopping cart add to cart button.


Model: 8081
UPS: 673419145237

b Go towards the extreme with this rugged cruiser! /b With genuine 4wheel suspension, this Extreme Cruiser can handle the roughest terrain. Open the doors and trunk! Pop the hood and check out the working pistons because the cruiser moves! * Watch the pistons actually move! * Rooftop steering enables you to drive smoothly over rough terrain * Suspension system on all 4 wheels gives this Extreme Cruiser a sturdy ride * Open the hood, doors and trunk! Rebuild into a custom offroad car! * Rebuild into a custom offroad vehicle Maneuver more than hill and vale with the rooftop steering!


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