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Lego Technic Quad Bike 9392

Technic Quad Bike 9392
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I certainly loved that it has quad bike measures 4" (11cm) high, 6" (14cm) wide and 7" (18cm) long. Additional features consist of watch the piston move. The Lego set is 7.52"H x 13.94"L x 2.32"W and it has a weight of 0.9 lbs. technic quad bike 9392 . To get the best price on this item in addition to other products, visit the shopping cart button on this site.


Model: 4653941
UPS: 673419166959
Package Quantity: 1

Take to the hills with the rugged Quad Bike! This model also features realistic steering and chain-driven engine with moving piston! With functioning front and rear suspension, no terrain is too rough for the tough Quad Bike! It doesn't get considerably much more realistic than this! Rebuilds into a race buggy.


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